S*Woonderwoods Dainty Dina

Finally she is here, our lovely white girl :-)

Dina BIS Kristiansand 29 August 2009



Happy after beeing BIV-T and NOM

Dina is compared to Enok.  Enok took the BIS with 3 wotes. Dina had 2 wotes.

Dina the day after she moved to us in Blomsterdalen.



A long, lovely girl:-)


Dina 5 months old





Dina BIS in Rennes, May 2009!


Dina 4 months old, at her fost show!



At her fist show in France, she was EX1 on the 11 of April, with very good jugdement. On the 12 of April, she was EX1 and NOM (2 votes in the panel)

Dina 13 weeks old


Dina 11 weeks old







Dina 9 weeks old



Dina 7 weeks old



Dina 5 weeks old




Dina 4 weeks old




Dina 3 weeks old



2 weeks old